Ethical Principles

  1. Relationships with Clients:

    1. We build positive long-term relationships with our clients by providing services of high quality and maintaining a strict observance of the principle of confidentiality. All references to the names of clients and specific projects are made only with the prior permission of the client.

    2. We provide our clients with all necessary information for effective business decision making in a timely manner.

  2. Relationships with Candidates:

    1. We build long-term relationships with candidates on the basis of mutual respect and confidentiality of information.

    2. We do not perform any tests/reference checks without the prior agreement of the candidate.

  3. Relationships with our Executive Search Consultants:

    1. The culture of our company means mutual respect between all team members regardless of their title or position.

    2. We constantly help our colleagues to enhance their professional skills. We are also committed to maintaining a supportive internal culture and to providing the best conditions for successful and qualitative work.

  4. Relationships with Competitors:

    1. BigFish respects the professional reputation of its competitors. We are always ready to share with competitors information representing common threats to the Executive Search industry.

    2. In any competitive situations within the Executive Search industry, we will comply with the highest ethical standards of our business, but will be always guided, first of all, by the best interests of our clients.

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