Mission Statement and Core Business Principles

Big Fish's Mission:

To help our client companies manage their businesses effectively, by providing high-quality professional services in the areas of search, selection and assessment of managers. We provide both clients and candidates with opportunities for growth and development.

Business Principles :

Our principle objective is to always be a high quality and reliable partner for our clients. We are always ready to assist the management and owners of our client companies with development and modernization of their organizational structure, including the selection, training, development, and motivation of their most valuable asset - their modern management team.

Candidates know that working with BigFish provides a way to open new career opportunities. These include opportunities to develop their management competencies, and to put their creative ideas and innovative project management techniques into practice.

For its own executive search professionals, BigFish understands and accepts its responsibility to provide challenging and rewarding projects that further the consultant's personal and professional development.

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